The eSoftSchool System is the preferred integrated school management system for Pre-School, Primary, Junior High School (JHS) and Senior High School (SHS). For innovation and ease of use in school management, there is nothing better. It has been designed with an extensive feature set, yet it is easy to setup and use. eSoftSchool is modular in design and can grow as your institution and requirements grow. It grows with you, ensuring that new features that are introduced are truly features that are needed. eSoftSchool is a system that is open to the needs and requests of its customers. In creating a large family of users, you can be assured that as requests for certain features are incorporated, all users will benefit.

eSoftSchool is built on the latest computer technologies and can be used by schools of any size. Its database is robust and can support millions of records. Data is never thrown away and will be available for querying long after students have graduated and left. Parents and guardians ability to access student data and reports over the internet is an added bonus.

eSoftSchool has four main modules; namely:
Human Resources – includes comprehensive databases for Students, Parents and Staff
Academic – includes databases for Subjects, grading and assessments, Academic performance, Promotions and demotions. Produces end of term reports quickly and effective.

Financial – includes databases for Billing, both single and bulk, Receipts and other payments, Scholarship management and Statement of accounts which can be sent by e-mail.

Reports – produce an extensive selection of reports across any academic year and term for any of the above stated modules irrespective of whether student is currently active or graduated. Choose from a selection of formats for end-of-term academic and bills

Parents can access to child data from the internet, print end of term reports, bills and statement of accounts for any of their wards using our easy to use parental interface. Parents can access this page at portal.esoftschool.com

After successfully choosing your school and entering your exclusive PIN No. you get access to your wards interface where all his current and previous academic and financial reports are available to you. There is even an option to compare two academic reports.

Click the desired button and its as easy as one two three. Enjoy